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Matt Dyson, owner and operator of Dyson Custom Creations, LLC, has a long history in welding and fabrication. Starting in High School shop class, then to an Associate Degree in Welding Technology at North Georgia Technical College, Matt learned the skills that he would hone over the next two decades. He has designed, built, and installed fences, handrails, and gates for a variety of projects from new construction to historic remodels. He has also worked with a variety of clients, both commercial and residential, to create one of a kind furniture that will last a lifetime. Over the years, Matt has also used his skill and knowledge as a builder to expand into the world of woodworking. This expansion has created new opportunities for using a combination of steel and wood in custom projects. Matt has also designed and created custom shelving and built-ins to help clients make the most of the spaces in their homes and offices.

Matt also enjoys working on projects with his wife, Sarah. As a team, they have tackled many large projects from remodeling houses to converting shipping containers. Using a variety of new and reclaimed materials, they also work together to create one of a kind lamps, furniture, and artwork.

We hope you will take the time to browse through the photos in our Gallery to see examples of some of these projects.

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